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Do You Need an Insurance Extension?

  Many insurance companies allow one full calendar year to complete a restoration project. While that was previously enough time to finish said projects, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other issues with the global supply chain, insurance extensions are a lot more common now than they ever have been in recent history.   So what [...]

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The Mistake of not Contacting a Public Adjuster Right Away

   Sometimes, Public Adjusters are contacted by a person who has already started their claims process. Although this is common, it is not exactly ideal. Many policyholders don’t have experience filing an actual insurance claim, therefore they may do or say something that allows the insurance company to place the blame on them or [...]

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Insurance Claims for Vandalism

  Vandalism to rental properties can be a pretty common occurrence as a property manager. Oftentimes, tenants that you assumed would take good care of a house or apartment end up causing significant damage and leaving you to clean up the mess. The first thing that you should do if serious vandalism is found is [...]

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Common Insurance Mistakes for Business Owners

  Owning a business can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding ventures of someone’s career. Running a business or property can be extremely time-consuming. The last thing you want to do is read over insurance policy language and update any necessary changes, but that could be the thing that saves you time, money, [...]

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Why your business might need Cyber Insurance?

The world of today is heavily dependent on online services which come along with a great risk for the protection of sensitive data shared online. Cyber insurance is exactly what businesses use to hedge the risk of cybercrimes or any theft of stolen sensitive data. Cyber risk insurance or cybersecurity insurance provides businesses with protection [...]

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Which customers might benefit from Parametric Insurance?

Parametric insurance is an insurance that does not cover for pure loss, instead, a predetermined payment is received upon the occurrence of a catastrophic natural event which results in a loss. An individual will have to purchase the parametric insurance with a predefined amount that will be paid out as agreed on predefined terms. Unlike [...]

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