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Do You Need an Insurance Extension?

  Many insurance companies allow one full calendar year to complete a restoration project. While that was previously enough time to finish said projects, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other issues with the global supply chain, insurance extensions are a lot more common now than they ever have been in recent history.   So what [...]

Do You Need an Insurance Extension?2022-01-07T00:42:25+00:00

The Mistake of not Contacting a Public Adjuster Right Away

   Sometimes, Public Adjusters are contacted by a person who has already started their claims process. Although this is common, it is not exactly ideal. Many policyholders don’t have experience filing an actual insurance claim, therefore they may do or say something that allows the insurance company to place the blame on them or [...]

The Mistake of not Contacting a Public Adjuster Right Away2022-01-07T00:33:52+00:00

Insurance Claims for Vandalism

  Vandalism to rental properties can be a pretty common occurrence as a property manager. Oftentimes, tenants that you assumed would take good care of a house or apartment end up causing significant damage and leaving you to clean up the mess. The first thing that you should do if serious vandalism is found is [...]

Insurance Claims for Vandalism2022-01-07T00:24:31+00:00

Supply Chain Issues

   As with many other sectors, the insurance and restoration business is interwoven with multiple different sectors all across the global economy. Within the past two years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the rising cost of building materials, inflation, labor shortages, and delays in the supply chain have become increasingly more common and affect [...]

Supply Chain Issues2022-01-07T00:08:10+00:00

Common Insurance Mistakes for Business Owners

  Owning a business can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding ventures of someone’s career. Running a business or property can be extremely time-consuming. The last thing you want to do is read over insurance policy language and update any necessary changes, but that could be the thing that saves you time, money, [...]

Common Insurance Mistakes for Business Owners2022-01-06T23:59:22+00:00

Top 4 Most Important Things To Do After Discovering Water Damage In Your Home

Discover Water Damage In Your Home, Here's What To Do: Dealing with water damage in your home is an overwhelming and time-consuming task to tackle. Many homeowners do not have experience in plumbing, electricity, structural water damage, or even the process of filing an insurance claim. When all of these issues happen at the same [...]

Top 4 Most Important Things To Do After Discovering Water Damage In Your Home2022-08-11T22:10:37+00:00