Fire and Smoke Damage Claims Adjusters

A fire in your property can be a nightmare! Losing your precious belongings, damage to property, and suffering a loss gets very overwhelming for those going through this situation. The procedures after the fire breaks out are very important. They will determine how much of your damage will be covered. Therefore, think rationally and start preparing for your claims process from your insurance provider.

What qualifies as Smoke Damage?

Smoke damage is any physical damage caused to your property by smoke. This smoke can be caused due to a fire within your house, outside your house, or your neighbor’s house. Smoke does not necessarily damage your belongings or your house as a fire would. However, it ends up staining and leaving an unpleasant odor. It produces toxic residues that are harmful to people when inhaled. If it is left uncleaned, it can cause permanent damage to affected areas.

Things to consider when filing fire insurance claims

Document all losses: This should be the first step to take after the fire has been put off. Make a list of everything that has been destroyed and damaged due to the fire. By doing it as soon as possible,  one will be able to remember their possessions for which insurance will be filed later.

File for the insurance claim: This should be done as soon as possible so that the insurance claiming process can begin. In order to file for a claim, one will have to submit the list of possessions damaged with a proof of loss claim.

Secure your property: Once a claim has been filed, the insurance company will request the client to secure the property from further damage. This is implemented so that loss can be mitigated for insurance companies. However, this does not apply to those whose entire property has suffered a total loss.

Consult an Adjuster: If you are not sure about the process or have a large claim, you may want to refer to a public adjuster who can file insurance claims on your behalf. We are public adjusters, who are experts in this area and can get your work done in no time!

Why file for claims through Public Insurance Adjusters?

Filing for fire claims is not a usual process for people in their lifetime. However, we as Public Insurance Adjusters are experts in this area as we deal with many similar cases on a daily basis. Following are the benefits of hiring us:

  • Receive fair value for damage claim

Individuals do not know but public adjusters are able to help clients receive much more through insurance claims as compared to those who file it by themselves. The value of the settlement is much greater.

  • Puts you first

Public Adjusters are not involved with insurance companies. Therefore, we represent our clients and ensure to protect the rights of the policyholders. All necessary communication is handled by us with the insurance company to negotiate the best settlement value for clients.

  • Time-saving approach

As the entire communication is managed by Public Adjusters, clients have more time for other tasks that need their attention. We are professionals, therefore are able to smoothly progress through the procedures.

  • Fast process of insurance claims

Through years of experience, we are able to get ensure faster processing of insurance claims.  As our expertise in managing paperwork is top-notch, it takes lesser time going to processing which might not be the case for individuals preparing to file for insurance claims for the very first time.

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