Do you a need Public Insurance Adjusters for Roofing Claims?


In the property insurance claim business many of the insured perils result in roof damage.  Roof damages can be a result from wind, fire, structure damage among other damage causes.

It is not unusual for the roof to be damaged by an insured peril. This results in a variety of additional damages to the interior of the building and furniture, walls, floors, etc.  A roof’s structural failure generally will result in a total loss to the interior building finishes and other additional contents.

In this case you will need Public Insurance Adjusters for Roofing Claims. That is where our years of expertise in the field of public adjusting comes into play. We will work for you the client not the insurance customer.

Each roof damage claim comes vaires in unique factual circumstances. In all cases your professional public insurance adjuster at Public Insurance Adjusters of Colorado must consider:

  • The age and condition of the roof
  • The type of roofing that was involved: asphalt shingle, built-up flat roof, ceramic or metal tile roof, sheet metal, reinforced thermoplastic membrane, spray polyurethane foam, etc.
  • What maintenance previous repair records are available?
  • Evidence of the insured peril that caused the damage
  • Building codes and permits

Obvious evidence of damage includes: uplifted roof membrane, missing and broken shingles, various wholes from flying debris, bending of the roof membrane, scouring of shingles, missing or broken roof sheathing, broken or missing roof trusses to name a few.

Remember published research has reported that a modest breach of a building’s envelope will likely increase internal pressure causing uplift or perhaps a blowout of a wall system. This research goes on to say that a roof panel removal by wind uplift can increase the magnitude of losses on the order of 80% of the total insurance claim!

Some examples of not-so-obvious damages are: built-up flat roofs that do not show obvious exterior damage but have multiple leaks that were not present prior to the insured event; cracking on the underside of the flat roof membrane; and torqueing of roof equipment such as A/C units that can break the membrane and cause leaking.

Separation or uplifting of the nails between roof trusses and roof sheathing caused by uplift forces can be an indicator of high wind pressure. These are typically the cases where no agreement can be reached with the carrier’s adjuster.  Therefore, it is generally wise to consult a roofing expert and a structural engineer all of which will be coordinated with the help and input of our team..

With the owner’s permission, roof cutouts may be taken in order to analyze the necessary core samples.  Most insurance policies are written to exclude maintenance issues and preexisting conditions of your roof. However, that’s not to say that simply because a roof is old, that damage from an insured event isn’t covered. It is.

The key factor sometimes comes from separating the old damage from the new damage and it is in these cases where you would be well served to have the Public Insurance Adjusters for Roofing Claims on your side. We also see cases where initial inspection by a carrier results in a payment that is inadequate to effectuate full repairs for the damages sustained.

If you have suffered a roof failure particularly in a catastrophic loss environment like a bad storm or fire your first duty is to try and mitigate damages. You must try to protect and prevent further damages which can be a challenge. Decisions as to whether to put on a temporary roof or make a replacement will need to be made and in some emergency cases without the input or authority of the insurance adjuster sent out by your insurance company. Documenting and making the right decisions can have an impact on your claim.

The burden of proof is on you, the policyholder, to mitigate as well as prove your claim. Having a team of experienced team of top Public Adjusters on your side helps you prove your case as well as provide you with our experience and guidance in dealing with many types of roof losses which frequently results in full payment of your damages.